Guest Post Terms and Conditions

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Note: Content Must do not included more then 3 links

These terms are ultimately designed to protect you, as well as us!
  1. Clarity Road reserves the final right to decide whether or not a submission is published.
  2. Clarity Road reserves the right to remove and delete permanently any content on our site for any reason that we see appropriate, without notice.
  3. The content you submit must be 100% your own work, unless otherwise specified and cited in your submission with the original author’s permission where applicable. It is entirely the guest-author’s responsibility to ensure that any posts submitted to Clarity Road do not violate the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark and right of publicity. If this provision is violated by your submission to Clarity Road, you agree to compensate and hold Clarity Road harmless from third party claims.
  4. Clarity Road reserves the right to edit a submission to ensure that the article is in keeping with the website’s standards, style (written and visual) and to enhance the SEO qualities of the piece. Clarity Road will seek approval from the post author before publishing any edited content. If the author does not accept the edits made to their submission, Clarity Road reserves the right not to publish a previously approved article.
  5. Guest authors will not be paid for their submission.
  6. By submitting a post, authors grant Clarity Road license to use the content however we see fit within the website, provided that the author is credited.
  7. Clarity Road reserves the right to select the imagery published alongside the submitted article.
  8. After article submission, the author reserves the right to request that their post be disregarded for publication. The author of a published post also reserves the right to request that their article be deleted from the Clarity Road website. Clarity Road agrees to do so as soon as the request is received.